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Abstract OptimizerBatch class that implements the base functionality each OptimizerBatch subclass must provide. A OptimizerBatch object describes the optimization strategy. A OptimizerBatch object must write its result to the $assign_result() method of the OptimInstance at the end in order to store the best point and its estimated performance vector.

Progress Bars

$optimize() supports progress bars via the package progressr combined with a Terminator. Simply wrap the function in progressr::with_progress() to enable them. We recommend to use package progress as backend; enable with progressr::handlers("progress").

Super class

bbotk::Optimizer -> OptimizerBatch


Inherited methods

Method optimize()

Performs the optimization and writes optimization result into OptimInstanceBatch. The optimization result is returned but the complete optimization path is stored in ArchiveBatch of OptimInstanceBatch.




Method clone()

The objects of this class are cloneable with this method.


OptimizerBatch$clone(deep = FALSE)



Whether to make a deep clone.